Faceting Design Diagram: Simply Simple – Peridot – Olivine, Green, apple green to yellow green

Peridot (Olivine, Green, apple green to yellow green)

Simply Simple (PDOT4.JRG) Tourmaline cut by Tony Carson
By Jeff R. Graham
Copyright 1994
89.6% Light Return
Angles for R.I. = 1.67
20 facets + 4 facets on girdle = 24
4-fold symmetry
96 index
L/W = 1.000 P/W = 0.415 C/W = 0.159
H/W = (P+C)/W+0.02 = 0.595
P/H = 0.698 C/H = 0.268
Vol./W^3 = 0.235

Addition # 2 – A nice quick no-brain required to cut design. This works very well for thin pieces of material. As the stone gets larger a table is a good idea, cut to meet C2, C3. I have a lot of Peridot that seems to come out of the ground in layers, this design works well for that shape. I use this in pendants and earrings, 1/2-4cts. Cut in refractive indexes 1.67 to 2.14 (89.3%) with no changes.


Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler

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