Website http://www.3d-kbelgium.com
Phone Number: +3293115569
Address: Dassenveld 1, Wetteren, België Wetteren Belgium 9230

@3D-K Belgium VOF you can meet Kris and his lovely wife Krista.

Kris is a 35 year old passioned multipreneur, gemologist and gemcutter who build a gemlab and a lapidary in a 40 square meters room next to his home at the edge of a nature reserve in East Flanders, Belgium.

He started collecting gemstones at the age of 12 years through a newspaper gemstone collection action and decided last year in 2016 to make the journey to his good friend M. Sharma in Jaipur, India.

Ones arrived in India he visited his friend machines manufacturier company and fell in love with their lapidary machinery. On the spot he decided to take a course in gemcutting with a local Jaipur Master gemcutter called “Hari” and he stayed for several weeks and learned the proces of proper cutting with the goal in mind as to be able to cut investment grade stones myself.

And it worked out fine, as Master Hari said, “when looking at my progression in cutting for even a short period of time, he was stunned of the quality of cut i started to deliver.”

So after his gemcutting course he decided to invest in new machinery from his friends company “Kalpana Machines Tools” in Sanganer, India. After turning back in Belgium he started to build his new company “3D-K Belgium VOF”, lapidary service & Gemlab.

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