A Lifetime Worth of Experience Culminating into a Collection of the Rare and Beautiful…

I began cutting gemstones on my father’s Diamond Pacific Genie when I was around 7 years old, but the story begins even earlier. I am the 4th generation in a long line of prospectors, rock hounds, and self taught jewelers dating all the way back to my great aunt. The first big find I can recall was a spear point in Utah. We were out looking for arrow heads and I was following my grandmother, she stepped on a 4″ point and kept walking. I remember picking it up and hollering…”Is this what we are looking for!?!?”  That was the summer before I began elementary school, the spear point was my ‘show and tell.’  That was over 30 years ago now.  At 14 years old, I started free hand faceting on the cabbing machine, 15 years old, working in silver and carving gemstones.  The rest is just an exciting adventure that ultimately allows me to offer you the best quality, natural, and ethically sourced  rare gemstones I can find in any form you need.

Whether you are looking for faceted stones, cabochons, or specimens I have you covered from Alexandrite to Zoisite.

Welcome to my world…


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