Professional Member of International Gem Society

My main objective, is to supply quality Opal stones and parcels, at a decent price…so many suppliers are not thinking of your budget…only their bottom line!

I am a sole proprietorship, meaning a ONE HORSE SHOW…I answer only to the Lord and myself and can make deals, in a flash! Don’t get me wrong, I make profit but not expecting to get rich on one customer, so that’s it in a nut shell!

I’m a gem artist, as well as, a snake oil salesman ( that’s what some of the purists, think of us small gem dealer businesses!) so, I know the struggles of creating art with gem stones….especially opal…gets EXPENSIVE!!!

Give me a shout and let’s get you some material and both of us make a little profit!

I don’t know, what you want or what your budget is, until we make contact and compare our thoughts.



Opal hunter

Best contact is my email or message me on FB: Harry Phillip Davis