Speak  with confidence.
Work with the right tools.

Hi! My name is Armelle de Blanchard and I have a question for you. How do you build trust and passion for a job well done between a brand, its suppliers and all the players involved in the same project? The answer is: by speaking the same language!

​A communication & export manager in a Paris’ jewellery workshop, I was confronted with a lack of comprehensive and verified resources on the trade in English and in Italian and I needed them on a daily basis. I researched on-line and couldn’t find convincing data so I created my own technical multilingual on-line word entry. From an excel worksheet sprung an on-line project.

Three years later, I started my own business and we added a jewelry events’ calendar and useful information about the trade that will be enriched over time.

You manufacture stunning jewellery and perfectly know your way around it ? You don’t have much time or expertise to do the rest ? Let me help you with that!