Hello my name is Elizabeth Vann, I am the  Owner and Operator of Boutique Mystique also known as Un1que Bout1que US Art on Etsy.

A little about me- Born and raised Spiritualist. Homeschooled until 11years old- my parents used the free learning method- I was in control of what I learned and guided my mother in teaching me rather than her guiding me. Nature was my teacher. I was always into science and asking “why?”.. I grew up spending most of my time in nature and have a deep respect for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. I am a natural born Healer, Witch, Empath, and Psychic.
All my products are cleansed and charged under the full moon, infused with Reiki healing energy and then placed on my personal alter until purchased.
This shop is not a job to me…

It’s not about making money…

(Its not my main source of income.)

This is a Sacred duty..

It’s Spiritual..

I literally call it my “Spiritual Hobby”.

I have been connecting people to their stones since 2018 and am working my way to opening up an actual shop- as of right now my shop is 100% online except for crafts fairs and such. I would love to make this my full time job. Right now I work as a Activity Director in a long term care facility. I love that I can express my creative artsy side but at the same time do not feel like this is my calling. I know I need to help people.. I know that’s a huge peice.. The more and more I spiritually awaken the more and more I feel my purpose is to help people on a spiritual level… Moldavite was the catalyst for that I believe. After connecting with Moldavite I just knew I had to connect people to these stones- and not just Moldavite but all stones, essential oils, herbs, natural remedies, energy healing, spiritual counseling, and aiding in the ascension process of humanity and the evolution of human consciousness- the collective consciousness. Humanity is slowly waking up.
I would love to find partnership in building my spiritual business. I would love to connect with others and network please don’t be afraid to reach out.
Blessed be.
Love and Light,

Liz Vann, Owner and Operator