Phone Number: +852 96560414
Address: Hong Kong DISCOVERY BAY China

Zaha et Cetera is a jewelry company established in Hong Kong and is handled by an experienced gemologist who has many years expereince  in diamonds, colored stones and high end jewelry. Zaha et Cetera’s primary focus is making custom made diamond and/or colored stones jewelry with experienced local bench jewelers right here in Hong Kong, whose craftsmanship is known to be one of the best in the world. Clients have the flexibility to select or give a design they have in mind and most importantly budget how much they are willing to spend on a jewelry manufactured in Hong Kong and be totally satisfied. Even diamonds are bought locally with great discounts directly from a DTC site holder and are certified with either GIA or IGI certificates. Full confidence relating to diamond quality and grading is provided for clients so they understand different criteria to choose when investing in diamonds. All focus is on client’s needs and how to get a high quality piece of jewelry they will treasure with after care service done in Hong Kong whenever needed. Top end exceptional blue sapphires with large sizes are one of Zaha et Cetera’s other key business with its close links to Sri Lankan colored stone suppliers. All exceptionally sized sapphires comes with GRS or Gubelin certificate. Zaha et Cetera also does colored stone consultancy services as well for private clients who wants an expert to help hand pick their desired gem stones and evaluate and give expert knowledge before purchasing. Zaha et Cetera is not only your regular jeweler who you would like to have but also a colleague who would give free jewelry consultancy services and keep in touch and care for their clients even after. Having this comfort with your jeweler is not only comforting but invaluable as well.

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