The HongShan Foundation was originally founded by three individuals who combined their extensive collection of Chinese Jade pieces into a display of over 1,000 different pieces. Our goal is to share and educate people on the cultural significance of jade in regards to Chinese history and culture. Every item in our collection has individual meaning and significance. With over 150 years of combined experience in jade collection and research, we are overjoyed to share our expertise with the world.

By the requests of fellow HongShan Culture Researchers and collectors, for the first time, we are making some of our collection available to general public, items were carefully selected by Henry Liaw, curator and licensed Auctioneer. We hope our rare collection will be able to find a new home and can be exhibited in Museums and Galleries around the world for more people to study and appreciate its culture and historic value. By doing so, we will be able to raise additional fund as well for our HongShan culture reserach project, and a planned Internaitonal HongShan Culture Forum with collection exhibition.