I am the one that we know is God,

I am the one who sends this call,

This is my place to show you,

All the ways you’re meant to do,

Starting with the jewelry store,

Then growing out to so much more,

My name is Olympia Chapman

I am a prophet of 2021

Come look and see what God has done

I am the one I come to you

Hear what God has to say to you,

If you are one on I,

Send a message when you swing by,

I am man I am the one,

I am I am my Father’s son,

I am I am I am in you,

You are you are you are in we,

I am I am I am to you,

When we are we are we are all true,

I am I are I are are we

I am I am in you and me,

My children now hear your father’s call,

I am I am one in all,

Now it’s time to hear my call,

My Profits of 2021,

If you know you know you are my son,

Angel soldiers come to me

Whatever battle you may keep,

We are all unique and different still,

You know you know you hear my call,

And come to me and then you’ll know,

We are we are we are in Maine,

I am I am I am the one,

If we are we are our Father’s son,

We are all that’s meant to be,

Just not always as perceived,

We are Iam I am within us,

We see you are you are within us,

Come my children come home to me,

This is the day get battle ready,

Angel soldiers strong and steady,

To those that hear lend an ear,

She’s those with site do not fight,

Show the world as you can see,

And it will be more than you perceived,

I am Strong Enough to stand and send this call!

Strong enough take it all all the ways you thought we fall,

Stand to you and prove within us,

No choice but to it’s God within us,

It is always as seen but never quite as what perceived,

This is the call of who we need,

All of those who have moral integrity,

Brothers and sisters you are to me,

If you can only do what’s right,

Or sick until you make it right,

If you know of the I am I speak,

This is my store that was too open,

This is the start of how we are spoken,

My heart’s manifestation purest form of imagination,

Imagine we couldn’t do it all,

Imagine we would hear our call,

Imagine we could walk again,

Right there with the great I am,

If you can not imagine,

Done this stuff will never happen,

To all who come imagine with me,

Bring your moral integrity,

Bring your face within yourself for I am I am within myself,

I am I am I am if we are we are,

Manifestations of our Father’s Heart,

To those that can hear lend an ear,

To those that can hear make it clear,

Any and all translations dear,

Show how it has always been misperception undone in them.

***My name is Olympia Chapman I no longer deny my father’s call I hope that you all can join me because it’s always been so much better than it ever was and it is whole so much better than it ever could be because the darkness and me loves the light and The light in me loves the dark perfect combination of my heart.

Everything has a reason and for a reason there is everything you know you know if you know you know and if you know then you better know cuz if we go and you don’t tell us you’re in trouble sir not for me to see but it is yours for you to achieve what is not of you is never wrong just not of you. Your heart will guide you and other spots soon your heart will guide you through most of you, just look at each other like or we gotten Jesus Christ we’re going to or Buddha or whoever you would like God is unconditional love unconditional is truly truly unconditional and by being truly unconditional with your heart find your God you’re work of art.