Thomas and JJ are Gem Dealers located in Afghanistan.

Thomas is a Lapidary from Germany and JJ has worked in the Mines of Afghanistan.

JJ has a very good connection to buy rough gemstones. Thomas checked all stones and sell them to international client.

We sell Ruby, Saphir, Emerald, Kunzite and Tourmaline.

You can buy from us Lapislazuli from Sar e Sang in best Quality.

IGS members can order from us crude ruby, emerald or lapis in the color, purity and quality they prefer. We can supply best ruby with high carat number. We will find for you the gem you want. IGS Members get special price and service. We speak German, Dari and English.


We shipped it to your location on a very save way. But you have to pay the incomming tax rate in your country.

Why we have no website? It is too dangerous for us, because the Taliban controlled this business.

Write a email or give a call.