Hi there, My name’s Luke, I’m currently 23 and ginger.

I am a medicated ADHD techhead with a fond for bright colours, I guess you could compare me to a moth.

I craft a variety of items ranging from speakers, custom wood furnishings, innovative renewable energy systems and of course Jewellery! Basically if someone says I cant do it, then I take as a challenge and will always find a way. My style is that of a steampunk meets hippy.

I also sell cut gems which I feel are too much of value for me to do anything with, and they would be better suited for people of a higher skill capacity than my own. You’re never ever going to be the best, there’s always so much to learn!


If you have any questions or enquires at all please let me know and Ill do my best to respond within a timely manner to answer any queries you have at all!

Wishing you all the best reader, and hope to conversate with you soon!

**for obvious purposes I do not give out emails and phones numbers on here so I’d advise you to message my facebook page or message on here and obviously information shall be given if required 🙂 **