We are located in Brattleboro Vermont. A classic brick & porter store located in a renovate bank building. Our downtown location is perfect!

We specialize in estate jewelry, custom design, fine diamonds and natural gemstones.

I have 32 years experience in couture custom design.

I love re-designing clients jewelry. Either inherited or purchased in their lifetime. It is a great honor to be part of someone’s life in such an intimate way.

My goal is always to design jewelry that expresses my client’s desires and needs. Unlike most designers I have no special style. My client’s show me the way to the style they really want and need. I curate the designs to be practical and be comfortable. My knowledge of great design is deep and comprehensive. Returns are unheard of at this point. I am like a jewelry whisper. I jus listen to my client’s needs and then create the most exceptional piece customized for exactly there wishes. Ego is pointless, but truly caring for my clients and giving all I have to them satisfies everyone.

I have a very strong knowledge of jewelry history and technology. My curiosity drives me to be a lifelong learner. I am passionate about my work, clients and bringing joy into other peoples lives.

We purchase estate jewelry & gems on a weekly basis.

My family is the core of my life. I am blessed with an extraordinary husband, who shares my passion equally. I have beautiful children and a endless network of people who love me.

Gratitude is the key to happiness. This phrase I live by.

Thanks for learning about Renaissance Fine Jewelry and who I am as the owner.

Whatever you need be in touch. We are all in this together and sharing is essential to be kind.

Kindest Regards,