We provide the following professional services :

◣ Jewelry Repair         (Super quick)

◣ Design 3D Printing (Jewelry model)

◣ Gold Acquisition      (Gold recycling)

◣ Gem identification   (Lab testing)

( Partnership: RJRC & GEM LAB ) – 皇家珠寶維修中心暨寶石鑑定實驗室 ✔


◣TGA Graduate Gemologist

◣IGS Professional Gemologist

◣GIA Applied Jewelry Professional Diploma

◣HKIG JJC Jadeite Jade Certificate

◣IGS International Gem Society – Professional Member

◣TGA Taiwan Gems Association – Supervisor

◣TGA Taiwan Gems Association – Member


◣GIA Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association – Member

◣R.O.C (TAIWAN) MOEA – 3D Printing Engineer

◣Gold and silver jewelry processing 40 years of qualifications (Jeweler)


Jeweler in Taichung, since 1979 ( 時來運轉珠寶店 ) ✔

Professional jewelry handmade, giving you the most precious jewelry. Provide the latest 3D printing jewelry manufacturing process, brand new experience and service. We provide the US GIA diamond certificate, which is the best guarantee for your purchase of jewelry, and has complete after-sales service and excellent maintenance technology.

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● Address: No. 329, Section 2, Zhongqing Rd, Beitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan (Google Map)

● Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj02xw51TIQSAfjHSwFAjlA

● Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/jewelry1979shilaiyunzhuan/

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