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SKKGems brings to market the combined knowledge and expertise of five generations of gemologists. We have our own sources of rough and self-owned lapidary workshops in Pakistan. Our primary  inventory  consists of natural gems from the mines in Kashmir, Skardu, Hunza and Northern Regions of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. Some of the finest and rarest of gems are found in these foothills of the mighty Karakarom mountain range. We have outlets in Pakistan, UAE and Canada and the Internet where we sell  rough, cabochon and faceted Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Tourmalines, Peridot, Kunzite, Quartz and Topaz; genuine earth mined stones. All our jewelry is handmade by skilled artisans in Pakistan.

We also serve customers who seek engineered gems and can source some of the finest laboratory created gemstones. While these man made ‘gems’ can never equal the beauty and charm of gems that has taken Mother Nature millennia to create, these synthetics have a charm of their own. Synthetic gems are increasingly seen in the markets because natural gemstones are becoming progressively difficult to obtain.

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