Phone Number: 208-620-1194

For those interested, I have a decent supply of fairly large and hard to find collection of minerals.  Including turquoise, various agates, varieties of obsidian, petrified woods, diamonds, garnets and many many more.

Recently, I enrolled at North Idaho College, in Coeur d’Alene, ID, working towards a geology field major.  My passion started a few years ago, when I discovered the riches surrounding me, right under my feet.  Since my initial discovery, I have explored many opportunities which geology envelopes, but I am driven to the art of lapidary.

Using a portion of my school funding, I have pursued the latter in full force, for example: purchasing an Ultra-Tec faceting machine, becoming a member of IGS among many other locally organized groups, and I will soon be working towards my certification in gemology.  Although I absolutely love cutting stones, my heart continues to be driven in the sciences of mineralogy and gemology, but there is so much to explore who knows where I will eventually end up.


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Lapidary Rough/Mineral Exploration

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