My name is Diana Vasile and I am the designer and creator of the Temper jewellery collections. I was trained in Computer Science, but a twist of fate allowed me to take jewellery courses at Assamblage Contemporary jewellery school. It was there where I developed the skills which aenabled me to pursue my passion.

All the pieces are made by me personally and they are unique, each design with its own personality and story. I feel like my jewellery exudes a relaxed luxury different from the traditional look of fine jewellery we are so accustomed with, but which emotionally engages its wearer so much more because of that. A strong statement for a strong personality.

One of the defining characteristics of my jewellery is that no matter from which angle you look at the piece, it looks like different. I love rings and each one I create is imbued with my own sense of style and comfort. I create statement rings that may look big and heavy, but actually are designed in such a way that are comfortable to wear all day long.