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Very pretty item, you are very talented! I can understand the retailers concern. In general i find with retail it really doesn’t matter what you think it is worth or what the retailer thinks it is worth it depends on what the consumer is willing to pay. My best advice is to first have your item evaluated by a qualified, known appraiser who KNOWS opals of this sort. They can provide a document with the picture, the exact qualities of the gold, gemstones etc and also take into account that this is a handcrafted item. (It doesn’t look like one of the items from stuller) Also provide a document which states how to correctly care for these stones so the consumer will have confidence wearing the item. If your retailer doesn’t have confidence in the item how can he/she ask high dollar? By providing appropriate documentation you have provided your seller with the tools he needs to sell your item. Once he has sold it and is happy with the results he may buy more and there you have it…..a business!
Look at the top of this page, there is a link to “Appraisals” A wonderful resource for everyone!

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