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I am not a light bulb expert but I have noticed they are coming out with fluorescent bulbs that are supposed to have the same light quality as incandescent. Home Depot has a set up with 3 of them next to each other, lit, so you can see the difference. Not sure with the inherent flicker of the fluorescent if that will solve the problem though.
I was not aware they were phasing them out since I use 60 watt almost exclusively, finding higher wattage too bright for most things (I just add more lamps for more light). I think becoming a light bulb hoarder might not be a bad idea, though Home Depot also has an assortment of different watt bulbs on hand all the time and it does not seem they will stop selling them soon.
Whatever happens, I am sure they will always be available, either at your hardware store at a very high cost, or this industry will come up with some kind of lighting gadget that will do the trick.

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