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gemguy, as it stands now, nothing is on the table, i agree with u this stuff could b anything, thats why i posted. The stones i bought, 3, were cheap, listed as unheated/untreated, yellow spinel. For the money & a little professional testing, im sure our ?’s can be answered. If the stuff test as spinel, the wife has another nice pendent, if not, the stones will make a nice gift to someone who likes gemstones. Ive been burned by a seller of gravel out of hollywood, fl. [ruby], & after the seller told me to basically pound sand, no refund from a sale 2 yrs ago & a proven bad stone, i told them i would give them as much bad pub. as i can, even with the threat from their lawyers. In this case money is not the issue, but what they r selling is interesting & many of my friends r curious also-will post results here in @ 7-10 days-curious-m76steve…by the way, if i rid me of the stones, they r giveaways, i would never sell a stone mis-ID’ed to anyone…

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