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On 7/18/2014, JTV did a show on turkish diaspore, zultinite, & a woman rep. of the company selling the stones & info was telling viewers how rare & hard to cut this fairly new material is. She was telling viewers that any stones over 5cts was in the top 3% of gem quality material for sale at this time. Stones over 7cts, gem quality being eye clean, is just over 1% of available cut stones. She is saying more designers r requesting more of the material as prices go up w/demand, the largest stone in the show was a 12.25ct, round, selling price is $18,000.00 & has been on their site for several months, the avg price from JTV is @ $1,000.00/ct. This color change material is supposed to b from a single source mine 4000 ft elevation in turkey. Im showing new pics of my stone in candlelight & fluorescent light-m76steve…

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