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Dear Diana Cap
Hallow Diana, I’m an IGS certified professional Gemologist, writing to you from Nairobi Kenya.I have read of your friends situation and I’m sorry for her, Jesus will heal her. Now, on the topic of tanzanite,I normally come across many tanzanite gems here in Nairobi. From the top quality which the miners call triple A to the lowest grade C. Different sizes from 0.5 to 3,4grams a piece from various gemstone offices in Nairobi. I have not heard of the Chinese buyer but what I can tell you, tanzanite is still in production. Only Tanzania produces the tanzanite gem no other country except some special case like Kenya where small deposits of the tanzanite gems have been found in Taita Taveta county this is because East Africa region is under regional Metamorphism Making it a region of different varieties of gems more over,Kenya and Tanzania are under the Mozambique Belt. Rather than dealing with Russian chrome diopsides, deal with other different types of gems which are easy to find and still make a profit, eg tsavorite, ruby, Chrome tourmaline, Alexandrite,, blue sapphire, Gold etc. Broadening her buying spectrum will not only make her rely on the profit acquired for her expenses but also, she will have a great chance to open up her own jewellery shop, why do I say this? This is because the gems she will buy will be high quality and at a very low price than she expects.Tell her to look at East Africa. If she wants any assistance to acquire the gems, I’m available.

Best Regards

Philip Mwangi.

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