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Dear Dianacap
It is good to here from you. That is a good decision undertaking classes in watch repair, I to will advance in that section latter. As you have said, it is wise to carry loupe as you visit the gem show. I to, as I go to the ground to buy my gems I do ensure to carry two things at hand. My jewelers loupe and a dichroscope. The loupe for Identifying synthetics and the dichroscope for easy identification of rubies from other gems and also separating tsavorite garnet from chrome tourmaline. These two gems are equal in their color appearance but different internally. I’m thinking of starting exploration of gems and mine management of gems. I want to start an international trading of colored gems and diamonds at the same time selling gold and platinum. When You open your jewellery shop, put me on the list of your suppliers. I deal with natural, eye appealing both rough and cut stones and rough gold plus platinum.

Best Regards

Philip Mwangi.

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