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milan-sri-lanka-gemsmilan-sri-lanka-gems Sent 1 minute ago Star

Thank you very much for your kind reply first.The rough stone which I have sent is 4300 USD and the other natural cut and polished blue sapphire is 18,248 USD.Natural unheated royal blue colour gem stones are very rare.It usually goes for a very very high price.If you need more information or photos,I can send you all you need to know or see.
[email protected] is my email id and my whatsapp and phone number is +94 71 720 1400 .If they are conveinient for you to communicate,you can reach me there also.Otherwise here also you can reply me.By the way,I would like to know your name.I am Milan.If you are comfortable,you can type the city of our name and check thousands of gem stones,gem pits and local sellers are there.Most of them are my friends.
Hope to hear from you soon!!

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