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This story has been in the pipe for years, from info ive found from many sources, & all could be questionable, Russia is sitting on many cts. of the alexandrite material for the control of the gems to the outside. The govt has control over all mining of the precious material & wants to keep as much as possible for their benefit. I understand the chinese now have control over the burmese ruby mines, they bought them so to speak, & now can do as they please to recover as much material as they can. The Russians are also sitting on trillions of cts. of diamonds recently found & the controlling companies now that set diamond prices are worried that a large release of material from Russia will change the pricing of diamonds worldwide. My interest is in colored stones & a large find of good ruby in Mozambique within the last 5 yrs. is proving to be as good or better than the burmese material, which is trickling out at a very reduced rate & quality-just a little gem news-stevie…

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