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Hey mateys,

Back from my well enjoyed trip and managed to buy a 7ct ruby for a price I will not disclose until I get it appraised here in Brisbane.

Thanks for your reply Huttonit, but trust me I am in the right place. I am a novice with much to learn and that is why I am here to gain knowledge from the experts.

Just to set it straight, I am not interested in buying selling fake things to unsuspecting public. I want to become and expert in gems and hopefully with my fortunate connection to Burma through my inlaws, I may be able to make some profits while helping to get these gems to Australia.

So anyways the ruby that I acquired it about 7ct. It is purplish red. I do not have any tools to examine it but I could only see minor inclusions with the naked eye. It is oval cut. That is all the information I can give. I think I will do the short course offered here so that I can better describe the Gem in the future.

If this turns out to be a good specimen then I will be heading back to get more. Attached is a pic.

I would love to discuss this journey of discovery with anyone interested. Especially with professional traders and Gem experts.



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