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This subject is still a bitter pill for me. In 2012 i bought a ruby from a Florida gem dealer who spit out lies about how good his ruby was, he noted visible silk as a form of proof of untreated ruby. I fell for his lies & later was proved to be the target of a scam. After purchase, i was given papers showing ‘common’ under treatment for ruby which didnt inform the buyer of anything about the stone, I know better now & the state of Florida knows who this company is, I will tell all who ask. This is a buyer beware type of issue, most rubies, about 95% or more are heated & a good part of this treatment includes chemicals & glass fillers that can be seen under a scope if one knows what to look for. Carefully read all papers u get with the stone, before buying if u can, even today, cutters are applying ‘low heat’, @ 500-700 degrees celsius to ruby or sapphire to very slightly clean the interior of the stone, but even this is traceable under a scope. I now have 2 rubies that are untreated, certed by GIA & a treat to see with a intense difference from the treated stones Ive seen-be an intense buyer-stevie…[the top stone is untreated & certed, GIA]


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