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It seems Dr. Hanneman published this himself through the Hanneman Gemological Institute. I do not know of an issued ISBN which would make searching possible with the library of congress or other search options. I have read the PowerPoint presentation here discussing is approach here, https://www.cigem.ca/news/pragmatic-spectroscopy-hanneman

Perhaps if you contacted the Hanneman Institute or someone at the Canadian Institute of Gemology they could help you out.

Also, if you’re looking for a book on diffraction grating spectrography you may conside mindat.org. This is a free site filled with facts and has an easy search function.

For a hard copy you may consider the book called Gem Blue Chart. You can find that here http://www.gembluechart.com is a good reference book.

Lastly, as my vision progressively deteriorates (old age is not for ninnies) I’ve discovered seeing the lines in my trusty spectroscope is a challenge, so I’m working on setting up online with pupliclab.org. It’s a free site that uses a diffraction grating spectroscope kit you can order from them and the portal called “workbench”. The kit is fairly inexpensive @ 45.00. With the kit, an online computer, and the public lab portal “workbench” you can see the diffraction grating on-line live, and the lines are much easier for me to see. Plus, for those still learning the nm scale the graph is numbered.

Hope this helps,

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