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Reply To: Is it a bad idea to sell poorly cut handcut stones?

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Hello Andrea! I’m not a faceter/cutter (yet… starting to learn faceting myself too….) but I’m a small scale gem dealer and this is my advice for your poorly cut gemstones. You can sell those poorly cut gemstones as long as you disclose that they are poorly cut as like you have to disclose if the gemstones are treated somehow. Almost all of the gembuyers expect to get/buy a good stone and it will be a big disappointment to the buyers to find out that an expensive stone is poorly cut. If you don’t disclose the poor cut you will lose your reputation and you are not able to sell your stones. Many gemstones are poorly cut and they need to be recut which means spending extra money and time for recutting them. That’s why many buyers avoid poor cut gemstones. My advice to you is to practice more with very cheap and maybe synthetic rough stones and so you’ll get to be a better cutter. You can ask someone experienced cutter to help you and give you advice….

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