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Reply To: Is it a bad idea to sell poorly cut handcut stones?

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Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it. You make a good point about reputation as I do hope to be able to cut a perfect stone someday.

I think some of my problems have to do with perhaps my machine as I never feel like when I clamp in an angle that it is very accurate because of how much things wiggle. And any facet that falls around index 57 always seems to be off, so I have to do a lot of “cheating” and can’t cut by ear for those at all, so I basically lightly touch for a split second and then pull out my loupe and repeat. Seems like an odd thing to happen if it is just my abilities going haywire when I hit the 50s…but who knows. Would like to upgrade to a “professional” faceting machine someday so I can hopefully rule out any calibration problems.

I will certainly disclose the poor cut and make a note about discounts applied. I appreciate the suggested discount too as I had no idea. Right now I practically give them away but it’s disheartening.

Thank you!

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