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Hi Hayden,

Thanks for your compliment and interest. Sorry for the delay in replying.
Of course I don’t know your skill level but the cut is not terribly difficult but it does have a lot of facets. Why not give it a go , you never know until you try and I’m sure you’ll learn lots along the way . I always do even though I’ve been cutting for a few years and usually specialise in sapphires. Try it on a piece of glass if your worried about wasting quartz rough , although if you are successful the end result is still just a piece of glass.
I did my usual cuts , 260, 600, 3000, Tried to polish with typemetal & 50’000 , no good.Ended up useing lucite and cerium oxide.Seems to work best for me on quartz.
For the photo I used a large pair of tweezers (about 6 inches long) passed through the hole in one of my metal laps , sitting on a toilet roll . Sheet of white paper on the lap.Sounds a bit ordinary but seems to work alright.
Thanks again and if yov’ve got any other questions I can help with I’ll be only too happy.

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