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Thank you royjohn. I originally purchased dichroscope, Chelsea Filter and Loupe with cases on eBay from a Chinese seller only to have the order canceled a week later by seller for lack of inventory. I also started searching for diffraction grating Spectroscopes where I found reviews and manufacturers OPL and KRUSS. The later was quite expensive. I got the OPL Dichroscope and Bundle 2 which came with “Teaching” diff grating Spectroscope, Stand and free Spect Book. It came out to about $250, which I don’t mind since I like knowing I have a quality product that will last. Next search will be for a Refractometer, portable Polariscope and finally a Stereo Microscope. These will be considerably more expensive so I’ll take my time. I also found the website and Catalogue for Gem-A, which I guess is the English equivalent of GIA. Very expensive – I think your paying a premium for Brand. I don’t want the most expensive, but I also don’t want the cheapest.

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