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gemsofoz, the peice is about 2 yrs old, the stones were cut within the last fifteen yrs my guess. Top stone was removed & lab tested, alexandrite from Sri Lanka, 70%-80% color chg, very good color change. The pendent has been apprsed. at least 5 times over the years & final appr. is in the 6 digit range. the stones are from Russia, India, Ceylon, & Brazil. The picture was shot using candlelight then a flourescent light to asimilate daylight or close to it. Under UV light I get a slight red color using short wave uv, hence my question about uv lighting, the stones are all natural & untreated in 14kt white gold, one more thing, lab alexandrite has almost no green color under daylight conditions, the new synthetic now shows a little green under daylight with todays new material, so buyer beware as with most colored stones-still learning-m76steve…

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