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Ruby, diamond, Paraiba pendant…

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    This is a pendant I just finished, the ruby is cert. GIA untreated, 2.01ct, Asian origin from appraisers info, the diamond is .51ct, the Paraiba is Brazilian, 2.21ct, FL, with great color. This pendant is a charmer, small but good eye-candy-steve…

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    Hi gem loving crowd,
    Hi there,

    Is there anyone Who buys gem stones?I am from Ratnapura city(city of gems in meaning of the name of the city) which provides the most precious and a large number of gem stones to the world.We do not have international buyers although we have thousand of gems to be sold whereas a few local buyers who have the direct contacts with the international buyers are trying to get the gem stones from local sellers for very low prices.
    I hope that somebody would help me with this matter whereas we can do a great deal of benefit making business in cooperation.I can send the pictures of the gem stones and information on the gems we have.I have attached a few pictures of royal blue colour blue sapphire cut and polished gem stones and we can provide rough gems also.

    Thank you very much in this regard.

    Hope to hear from you soon!!.

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    Im posting an updated picture of the ruby diamond paraiba pendent, to date the ruby is now a 3.02ct, GIA certed untreated, Mozambique stone, the diamond is same, the paraiba is now GIA certed as Brazilian origin & the pendent really looks good-steve…

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