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emerald symbolism - heart-shaped cut
Emerald Symbolism

Emerald symbolism encompasses not only royalty but also wit, eloquence, and foresight. Learn more about the legends surrounding this prized jewelry stone.

Investment Grade - emerald quality
Emerald Quality Simplified

How can you evaluate emerald quality? Emeralds have many properties to consider. In particular, clarity can be very complex for these gems. Navneet Gems & Minerals has proposed the following system in situations when factors such as color, cut, polish, and symmetry are equal.

is this waterworn emerald from the Chivor mine?
Fake News in the Gem Trade: A Waterworn Emerald from Chivor?

A number of online sites have reported on a large emerald, supposedly recently extracted from the Chivor mine in Colombia. However, is this apparently waterworn emerald really from Chivor (and is it really an emerald) or is it just fake news?

ethiopian emeralds - 4.84ct Ethiopian Emerald Ring
Ethiopian Emeralds (Better than Colombian?)

Gem experts compare the bright, neon-green hues of Ethiopian emeralds to paraíba tourmalines and extra-fine Colombian emeralds. Learn what you need to know about this new find, including quality, pricing, gemology, and how these gems stack up against those from traditional sources.

trapiche gems - trapiche emerald necklace
Trapiche Gems: An Introduction

Satisfying the human desire for symmetry, trapiche gems have a special allure. Learn what makes these rarities so unique in our introductory article.

denver gem show - gems on display
Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase 2017

With over 900 vendors and numerous geologic rarities, the 2017 Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase had plenty to see. Read about some highlights in our report!

quartz with inclusions - mechanical gemstone cleaning
Mechanical Gemstone Cleaning

Mechanical gemstone cleaning has benefits and risks. Learn all about ultrasonic, steam, and boiling systems and how gems might react to them.

old mine emerald in a modern ring - emerald buying guide
Emerald Buying Guide

Our emerald buying guide can help you learn how these gems are graded, what to avoid, and how to identify a high quality stone or a bargain in the rough.

molecule model - gemological formulas
Understanding Gemological Formulas

Gemological formulas identify the chemical composition of gems and minerals. Learn what the symbols, numbers, and parentheses mean.

trapiche emerald - Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection
What is a Trapiche Emerald?

Trapiche emerald gems are some of the world's rarest emeralds. Learn where they're found and how their characteristic “spoked wheel” patterns are formed.

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