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A Beginner’s Guide To Common Gemstone Heat Treatments

Gemstone heat treatments can increase the beauty and value of many rough pieces. Learn how to conduct the most common procedures safely.

Gemstone Examination Lesson

Learning how to conduct a gemstone examination takes practice. Follow an expert gemologist step-by-step through tests of five unknown samples.

Buying Gemstones in Afghanistan: A Beginner’s Guide

Considering buying gems in Afghanistan? Learn which Afghan gemstones to seek out, which to avoid, and prepare for a “buyer beware” experience.

Sapphire Rough
Sapphire Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Everything you ever wanted to know about sapphire gems. Find value guidelines, scientific data, expert comments, and more in our Gemstone Listings.

Are Serengeti Rubies Real Rubies?

Although Tanzania is a source of rubies, so-called Serengeti rubies are more likely to be garnets. Learn more about rubies and misleading gem names here.

What Is The Best Lap For Polishing Sapphire?

Polishing sapphire gemstones can be tough on laps. Learn the pros and cons of different laps and some techniques to save time and money.

Tips For Polishing Synthetic Corundum

Polishing synthetic corundum without leaving pits requires certain techniques and tools. Get expert lapidary advice here.

What Were The Gemstones Of The Breastplate of Aaron?

In Exodus, the breastplate of Aaron was said to hold 12 gems. However, the gemological identities of the stones, like jacinth and sapphire, are debatable.

How To Orient Sapphires With Silk Inclusions

Silk inclusions in sapphires are hard to detect. Learn to pick the best orientation and cut for these gems. You might end up with a prize star sapphire.

What Is The Best Synthetic Corundum?

Rubies and sapphires can be made in a lab. The process that yields the best synthetic corundum for faceting should give you the best return for your work.

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