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How to Spot a Fake Diamond: What These 13 Tests Really Mean!

Not sure what your gem is? Try these 13 at-home tests to spot a fake diamond — and learn what these tests really mean. Or, take it to a lab to be 100% sure!

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Emerald & Asscher-Cut Diamonds: Evaluating Quality

The mesmerizing patterns of emerald & asscher-cut diamonds can give engagement rings a subtle style. Learn how to find a quality diamond within your budget!

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Conflict-Free Diamonds: What Does it Mean?

Searching for an ethical engagement ring? Learn about conflict-free diamonds, issues with artisanal mining, and how to find a ring that’s right for you.

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Princess-Cut Diamonds: the Ultimate Guide

Princess-cut diamonds are an excellent alternative to rounds. Learn the 4Cs for princess cuts and how to choose the best diamonds for your engagement ring.

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Should I Buy a VVS Diamond? 6 Pros & Cons

Before spending money on a VVS diamond, read about the pros of cons of diamonds with this clarity grade. What you learn might surprise you!

oval-cut diamond guide - oval solitaire
Oval-Cut Diamond Buying Guide: Beyond the Bowtie

Don’t let the bowtie effect keep you from buying an oval-cut diamond. With prices lower than rounds, ovals are also a stylish choice for engagement rings.

cushion cut - grading fancy cut diamonds
How to Grade Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds can have any finished shape, except round. These stones have their own grading criteria, in particular regarding proportion and symmetry.

recutting diamonds - VS1 diamond
Recutting Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

When is recutting diamonds and other gems worthwhile for a professional gemologist? Learn how to make this determination and avoid potential problems.

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Searching for Diamonds Online — Save With These Tips!

Searching for diamonds online shouldn't be so complex. Use our recommended parameters to buy the best diamond for your engagement ring — and your wallet!

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Properties of Diamond Simulants

Diamond simulants, like cubic zirconia and moissanite, often appear in jewelry. See how the properties of real diamonds compare with popular imitations.