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fancy colored pink diamond buying guide - 1.2ct fancy purplish pink
Fancy Colored Pink Diamond Buying Guide

With only a few produced each year, pink diamonds are among the rarest gems on the planet. Learn how quality impacts cost for these rarities in our fancy colored pink diamond buying guide.

fancy colored blue diamond buying - Jane Seymour
Fancy Colored Blue Diamond Buying Guide

Blue diamonds are among the rarest and most prized diamonds. Our blue diamond buying guide will help consumers understand the value factors for these gems.

sardonyx - birthstone gemology
How Well Do You Know Your Birthstone Gemology?

How well do you know your birthstone gemology? Take our short quiz and learn about the composition, cutting, and value of birthstones.

princess cut - engagement ring
What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

What constitutes a princess cut? Jeff Graham examines a variety of diamonds sold as examples of this design and identifies their overall characteristics.

fancy-colored yellow diamond buying - Diamond_3.75-Emerald-Fancy-Yellow-Ruby
Fancy Colored Yellow Diamond Buying Guide

Fancy colored yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Our yellow diamond buying guide has the information you need before your next purchase.

quartz with inclusions - mechanical gemstone cleaning
Mechanical Gemstone Cleaning

Mechanical gemstone cleaning has benefits and risks. Learn all about ultrasonic, steam, and boiling systems and how gems might react to them.

diamond myths - yellow gold and diamonds
Are Diamonds Really Rare? Diamond Myths and Misconceptions

Diamonds are popular gemstones surrounded by popular misconceptions. We'll tell you how they became so prized and debunk some of those diamond myths, too.

Colorado gemstones - rhodochrosite pendant
A Visitor’s Guide to Colorado Gemstones

Colorado has a lot to offer gemologists and rock hunters. Before you visit, learn about Colorado gemstones as well as notable gem shows, museums, and clubs.

solitary ring and round diamond - diamond symmetry
How To Evaluate Diamond Symmetry

How can you evaluate diamond symmetry without an expensive proportion scope? Learn how to build an inexpensive alternative tool that will get the job done.

marquis cut diamond ring - how to choose a diamond
How to Choose a Diamond

First-time gem buyers may find diamond grades confusing. Our consumer guide explains how diamonds are evaluated and gives advice on how to choose a diamond.

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