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Can Diamonds Burn?

Diamonds may form under intense heat and pressure, but under certain conditions, diamonds burn.  Learn the science behind a diamond's fiery end.

Diamond Cutting for Hobbyists: Getting Started

With study, care, and the right tools, hobbyist gem cutters can add diamond cutting to their repertoire. Get started with these tips from expert cutters.

What Is A Chameleon Diamond?

A classic chameleon diamond can change color from green to yellow under certain conditions. Learn more about this process and other color change diamonds.

Does Refractive Index Affect Gemstone Brightness?

Many factors contribute to gemstone brightness. Learn the role a gem's refractive index plays and the difference between gemology theory and practice.

Do Emeralds and Peridots Look Good Together?

Although emeralds and peridots are both green gems, differences in shade might make it hard to pair them in jewelry. Learn how to look for the right match.

General Electric Synthetic Diamond
Understanding Gem Synthetics, Treatments, And Imitations, Part 3: Synthetic Diamond

Learn about synthetic diamond creation and the challenges buyers face determining whether a diamond is natural or artificial.

What Are Carbonados and Black Diamonds?

Although called "black diamonds," carbonados are a polycrystalline material. Learn how they may have originated in ancient supernova explosions.

A World of Crystals

We live in a world of crystals. Learn what diamonds, kidney stones, bones, pearls, and dust have in common.

Product Review, Diamond Calculator

There is a new piece of software available that will be of interest to many of you. It is called the Diamond Calculator. More information available here!

HPHT Diamond Update

Gemologists are seeing more and more HPHT diamonds. While detection equipment is costly, you can assess the likelihood of treatment without it.

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