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malachite - idiochromatic gems
What are Allochromatic and Idiochromatic Gems?

Learn the difference between allochromatic and idiochromatic gems and why some gem species can occur in many color varieties and others occur only in one.

gemstone dispersion - cerussite
What is Gemstone Dispersion?

Learn what gemstone dispersion means, what causes it, and how it relates to other optical effects of gems. Check out some amazing dispersion examples, too.

introduction to gemology - jewelers
An Introduction To Gemology

Learn what gemologists do in our introduction to gemology. Whether your interest is casual or professional, the world of gems will amaze you.

story gemstone - rhodolite garnet
Precision Faceting A Story Gemstone: Choosing Rough

A precision faceter can turn a rough stone into a story gemstone as unique as each client. Choosing the right rough is the first step in the design process.

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