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Eight Opal Types Explained

Opal is a complicated gemstone, and many factors affect its price. Learn how to distinguish these eight opal types and how they differ in value.

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How Do Opals Form?

Curious about how opals form and show such stunning colors? Learn about the scientific theories behind opal formation and why some opals show a rainbow.

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Opal Symbolism

Once the stone of royalty, the fragile opal has a convoluted personality and lore. Opal symbolism is as varied as the play of color of the stone itself.

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An Incredible Union of Colors: Choosing Opal Engagement Ring Stones

Celebrate your unique love story with an opal engagement ring stone. Though opals require extra care, no other gem combines color and fire the way they do.

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Opal and Pearl Care Guide

Opals and pearls have special setting, cleaning, and storage needs. Our opal and pearl care guide will help you keep your jewelry beautiful.

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Opal Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Everything you ever wanted to know about opal gems. Find value guidelines, scientific data, expert comments, and more in our Gemstone Listings.

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Top Spots for Gem Hunting in the US

Visit one of the top gem hunting spots in the US. Go alone or with the family. A gemology-themed vacation can be fun, educational, and (maybe) profitable.

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Opal Mining in Coober Pedy: History and Methods

The town of Coober Pedy, Australia produces more opal than anywhere else. Its culture has been thoroughly shaped by opal mining. Learn more about this colorful location and the methods used to hunt for precious opals.

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Gemstone Doublets, Triplets, and Other Assembled Stones

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