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gemstone transparency - carnelian
What Is Gemstone Transparency?

Gemstone transparency describes how much light passes through a gem and how it scatters. Learn what causes a gem to be opaque, translucent, or transparent.

quartz polishing - Oro Verde quartz
Quartz Polishing Survey Results

Whether you're new to faceting or an old pro, these quartz polishing survey results can help you choose a lap, polish, and lubricant combo for your gem.

onyx symbolism - cameo
Onyx Symbolism

Onyx symbolism and lore is filled with negative associations. Learn how people have counteracted these purported effects and enjoy this beautiful, dark gem.

quartz color treatments - irradiated yellow quartz
Quartz Color Treatments

Quartz color treatment results vary due to the stone's origin. Learn the effects you can achieve with different materials and radiation and heat techniques.

A View of The Quartzsite Gem Shows

The Quartzsite gem shows attract gemologists and rock hounds from around the world. Learn what to expect and how to shop at these huge annual events.

gemstone pendulum - bronze rutile quartz pendant
Faceting a Gemstone Pendulum to Feature Inclusions

Showcase the amazing inclusions in minerals like rutilated quartz in a gemstone pendulum design. Learn how to facet these gems into stunning jewelry pieces.

introduction to gemology - jewelers
An Introduction To Gemology

Learn what gemologists do in our introduction to gemology. Whether your interest is casual or professional, the world of gems will amaze you.

chrysoprase - carving
Chrysoprase Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Everything you ever wanted to know about chrysoprase. Find value guidelines, scientific data, expert comments, and more in our Gemstone Listings.

faceting equipment - cutting concave facets
Precision Faceting A Story Gemstone: Faceting Equipment

Today's custom gem cutters use faceting equipment for precision work and design inspiration. Take a look at the toolkit of the new lapidary renaissance.

Destructive Gemstone Tests: Streak Testing

Streak testing is a destructive gemstone test rarely used by gemologists.  Most gems leave no streak.  Learn which gems do and what color they leave.