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What is Gemstone Cleavage?

Gemstone cleavage is a break in a crystal along internal planes. Learn the science behind this and the difference between cleavage, fracture, and parting.

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Kunzite Buying Guide

Rare and fragile, kunzite challenges lapidaries and delights jewelry aficionados. Our kunzite buying guide can help you add this gem to your collection.

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Tips for Cutting Kunzite

Cutting kunzite and other gemstones with easy cleavage is challenging. These tips can help you facet this beautiful and valuable gem.

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Spodumene Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Information on Spodumene gemstones. Spodumene is from the Greek word spodumenos which means “burnt to ashes.” This is a reference to its most common color.

Uncommon Elements Make Uncommon Gemstones

Why are some gems more rare than others? Learn how uncommon elements in the Earth’s crust help form uncommon gemstones.