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ten gemstones rarer than diamond - paraiba ring
Ten Gemstones Rarer than Diamond

From the seemingly common to the utterly obscure, you wouldn't guess these ten gemstones are rarer than a diamond! If you're looking for something unique for your next jewelry purchase, check out these ten stunning gemstones rarer than diamond.

Paraiba tourmaline buying guide - Annalise ring in Paraiba tourmaline
Paraíba Tourmaline Buying Guide

Paraíba’s neon blue hues stunned the gem world in the 1980s. Read about the quality factors for this striking gem in our paraíba tourmaline buying guide.

tourmaline buying - 6.67ct bicolored tourmaline
Tourmaline Buying Guide

Known for stunning, saturated hues, tourmaline is a colorful and modern gemstone. Read about quality factors for this gem in our tourmaline buying guide.

African Paraiba Rough - 30.44 carats
A Look At African Paraiba Tourmaline Rough

Telling African paraiba from Brazilian paraiba tourmalines is difficult. This gallery showcases bright neon specimens from Nigeria and Mozambique.

Paraíba Tourmaline Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

An overview on Paraíba Tourmaline. Covers details and essential information like value, origin and characteristics. Learn more about Paraíba Tourmaline here