Lesson 8: An Introduction to Fancy Gem Cuts

Step 1: Introduction to Gemology

Lesson 24

What are Standard Gem Shapes?

For faceted gems, standard shapes include rounds, squares, and rectangles. For cabbed gems, rounds and ovals are standard shapes.

Rounds have dominated the faceted gem market since the 1880s when Tiffany and Co. created the six-prong setting so often seen in solitaire rings now.

The development of the modern round brilliant cut has made rounds more dazzling than ever before. As a result, rounds have become more popular.

What are Fancy Gem Cuts?

Despite the dominance of rounds, fancy gem cuts still hold their own. Customers looking for something unique, symbolic, or vintage can turn to these different cuts.

For faceted gems, a fancy cut is any cut other than a round. This category includes ovals, pears, hearts, and other cuts, too.

Fancy cab shaped gems are anything other than a round or oval. They …

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