Lesson 2: Jewelry Nomenclature: Gem Bracelets And Necklaces

Step 1: Introduction to Gemology

Lesson 18

Basic Terminology

Although worn on different parts of the body, bracelets and necklaces share much of their terminology. The principal parts of these jewelry pieces are:

  • Metal chains or fabric cords that form their foundations.
  • Clasps or fasteners used to secure them.
  • Ornaments used for decoration, such as pendants.

There are two main styles of bracelets and necklaces: metal chains and strings of gemstones or beads. Typically, metal chains are made of silver or gold. However, stainless steel, titanium, and other novel metals are becoming increasingly popular, especially for men’s jewelry. Bracelets and necklaces made of strings of gemstones or beads feature them in rows or singly, set in prongs or with a string running through their centers.

Chains And Cords For Bracelets and Necklaces

Chain Styles

Chain style jewelry pieces come in a variety of different styles. Dainty …

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