Lesson 4: Lapidary Fundamentals: Cabochon Cutting

Step 1: Introduction to Gemology

Lesson 15

Cabochon cutting or cabbing is the most popular form of gem cutting. Although it requires a fair amount of skill, almost anyone can master this technique. Rough material for cabbing can be found or purchased inexpensively. Many people never buy their rough and are content to cut the many stones they trade for or find. Of course, as you gain experience, you can if you wish move on to more valuable materials like turquoise, lapis lazuli, and even phenomenal stones like cat’s eye chrysoberyl and black opal.

Cabochon Cutting Tools

Cabbing tools can be as simple and inexpensive or elaborate and pricey as your tastes run.

Genie, Diamond Pacific

The most popular cabochon cutting machine is the Genie by Diamond Pacific. It has six permanently mounted wheels. The first two are 100 and 260 grit

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