Lesson 5: Lapidary Fundamentals: Gemstone Faceting

Step 1: Introduction to Gemology

Lesson 16

Gemstone faceting is a marvelous amalgam of engineering and art. Through a mechanical process of cutting surfaces on a piece of crystal, beautiful gems are created. To beginners, faceting may appear very complicated, but that isn’t really the case. Faceting does have complex subjects, like competition cutting and design. However, you don’t need to enter these areas. Learning the standard cuts is within the reach of almost everybody. The primary requirements are a desire to learn and the ability to follow instructions.

To unravel the mysteries of gemstone faceting, I’ll describe the cutting process as if you’re actually doing it. The rough isn’t important. The procedures are the same for amethyst, emerald, or any other gem material. There are several steps, but none of them are particularly complicated. Once you see how simple it is, you’ll understand that …

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