Lesson 1: Polariscope Guide, Part 1: Testing Gemstone Refraction

Step 3: Practical Gemology

Lesson 12

The polariscope is one of gemology’s simplest and most useful tools. With a little practice and our three-part polariscope guide, you’ll soon be able to conduct some fundamental gem identification tests. You can test gemstone refraction to determine if a gem is singly or doubly refractive, learn the optic figure and sign of a doubly refractive gem, and see gemstone twinning, dichroic colors, and strain.

A polariscope is an inexpensive tool and an essential investment for the gemology student. Read our polariscope review to get a sense of what’s available. You can purchase a polariscope through Amazon or eBay or make one yourself if you follow the instructions below. Even if you purchase a polariscope, knowing how to assemble one will help you understand how the instrument works.

Build Your Own Polariscope

A polariscope consists of three elements: a light …

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