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Equipment & Supplies Gem treating



Gemstone Oiling Machines

The Lubrigem is an efficient lubricating tool for gem stones in order to improve and upgrade their appearance.
Advantage of using the LubriGem
* make the Gemstones appearance in 200% nicer clarity then it used to be
* Best result in less time- 1 hour treatment and you see the result.
*Simple use - anyone can do it and use it in the office.
* Upgrade the stones value = more profit in sale.
You Want to upgrade your Gem stones value and clarity?
You can get all the information by our new site:

The LubriGem - oiling machine as known make an extreme effect on the gem stones as they are, and as they inlaid in the rings earrings …
It's well known that the jewelry inlaid with gem stones, after a while the stones that are in the display show, look 'tired' or without brightness.

The LubriGem Model ZV .200 is an efficient lubricating tool for gem stones in order to improve and upgrade their appearance and clarity.
It is known that some kinds of precious stones need to be oiled for example the emerald sapphire, ruby tourmaline stones and more...

The process of our oiling machine brings the oil into the stones by pressure.
The Lubrigem
a story of success
The oiling treatment that will take care your Gemstones..
When the Lubrigem oiling machine first came to the market , Gemstones buyers and Jewelers etc' where Astonished from the fast and Amazing look of the Gemstones after treatment of just 1 hour.

For any a question contact us : [email protected]
Or call us : 972-3-5409780
Mr Domb Zvi

Location and Where We Serve: Our officee is on Israel but our 95% of Customers are international Customers especially in U.S.A ,Europe , India ,Africa etc'...
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Phone Number: 972-35409780
Tarshish Street 14, Ramat Hasharon, Israel, Israel 47445
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