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Lone Star Gemstones (and Gemstone Jewelry)

An economical alternative to expensive jewelry stores.  Our prices are kept in check with a low mark-up and low overhead.
One-of-a-kind artisan handcrafted jewelry  by crafters with a taste of creativity and a passion for quality.
Crafter-Created with a passion for excellence

A travelling sales show of sparkling gemstones and breathtaking jewelry, brought to your pavillion, mall, hospital, vendor center, home, or bank building. Specializing in natural (real) stones, shaped into jewelry of all sorts: Pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, pendulums, spheres, and just-plain rocks, minerals, and rough gemstones. "A virtual museum of eye-candy"

Location and Where We Serve: Texas
Special Offer for IGS Members: 20% Discount
Phone Number: 210-573-6307
Texas, United States
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