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What Is Gemstone Luster, Polish Luster, and Fracture Luster?

Adamantine. Silky. Greasy? These are a few of the evocative terms that can be used to describe gemstone luster. Gemstone luster simply means how a gemstone looks when it reflects light. For example, the brilliant mirror-like appearance of a diamond is called adamantine. Read more...

Desert Prospecting: Discovering California Turquoise

My day started out as it usually does, walking up and down the side of this particular mountain prospecting for gold. Prospecting in the Mojave Desert in April is an interesting experience. You never know what kind of weather you may encounter. It can be very much like a hot summer day or a windy, beautiful spring day. This day it was sunny and very hot. My thermometer was giving me readings between 102*F and 107*F throughout the day. It was very warm for that time of year and it was difficult dealing with the heat. I was not yet acclimated and had to take regular water breaks to keep hydrated. Read more...

Guide to Georgian Period Antique Jewelry

The Georgian Period of jewelry design covers the reign of four English kings named George: George I, II, III, and IV. Even though the name of the period is English derived, the English alone were not responsible for influencing jewelry motifs. French, German, and Italian historical events influenced jewelry designs too. Read more...

Gemstone Photomicrography and Inclusion Photography

In 2004, while a student at the Gemological Institute of America, I opened the "Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Vol.1" for the first time. I was looking for a career change and, while I didn’t exactly have a plan, I knew I was burned out in my previous job. I was excited by the idea of studying gems, and by the challenge it offered. I met great people, and I learned a lot, but the bigger surprise was the gemstones – the secrets they held, the unbelievable vistas within, and the way they fired my imagination. Within a year, I was working at the GIA, honing the skills that would set the foundation for a decade long adventure of photomicrography. Read more...